christmas voucher

Christmas voucher

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A Christmas calm, the one you were wishing for, if you opt for a transformation in TWO

The time leading up to Christmas brings many people stress. Whether you enjoy Christmas or not, each of us happened to be in a situation, where they did not know what to gift to give. We present you with a unique solution.

Come for a medical procedure before the end of March 2023 with another person; a 200E discount awaits. We will prepare and deliver to You a special Christmas voucher, which is guaranteed to surprise and please Your loved ones.

Pick and choose, if you would rather undergo anti-ageing treatment, or boost your health and try the intragastric balloon. Support from your partner, best friend or a family member will help you smoothly cruise through the whole process without the stressing out.

The intragastric balloon for your better half? Facelift for mum? A blepharoplasty for one of your mates? And for you perhaps liposuction? Picture travelling by car or plane with your partner, your friend or your mum to Prague, where you will have time to spend on yourself, your health and each other. Winter Prague is beautiful. It is full of picturesque hidden gems, fiery mulled wine and the Christmas atmosphere.

Sometimes “memory making” requires a little planning. And that is why you are in the right site, because we specialize in making memories that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. We offer top-notch care, we will help you achieve the perfect result, and we prioritize your happiness.

The ROYAL MEDICAL team is here to take care, that the procedure you ordered happens smoothly, without any unhealthy stresses and with the best possible results.

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