Hot topic Deep Plane Face Lift? What’s going on underneath the surface

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We have already covered Deep Plane Face Lift here once. We detailed, what DPFL is, what are the advantages and how the ROYAL MEDICAL team will accompany you on your dream transformation if you decide to combine the procedure with a trip to Prague.

The previous article is located here: New method fixing the face and the neck is called Deep plane facelift

Today, we will dive deeper and discover what is going on underneath! We will clear the mystery of this new method. We will cover the inner workings of the process, how to prepare and what to expect afterwards. Ready? Let’s go!

Deep plane facelift – deeper tissue fix

DFPL prioritizes the muscle and soft tissue hidden deep beneath the skin. It is referred to as SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). Our skin has many layers and DPFL amends muscles and joining tissues on a deeper level than is usual for procedures of this type.

The Deep Plane Face Lift method lifts and tightens the SMAS and the skin. Therefore, there is no danger of disconnection between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue layer and swelling and bruising is avoided. Doctors stress, that the complex lift has long lasting results. All the areas heals better and faster and the facelift therefore looks more natural.

The process

Our job is to create a schedule tailored for you and including space for your needs, keeping in focus your desired outcome. After discussing your priorities, we will assist you with choosing your doctor, with whom we talkover the details and who will set the price, plan the time based on your options and advise, easing your preparation. Following this, you will receive instructions, what you have to do beforehand: What pre-surgery checkups are required, how to pack, what documents you will need and how to prepare your environment, coming back and recovering.

The procedure takes place in whole body anesthesia. During the entire process, a member of the ROYAL MEDICAL team is available to you and can answer questions regarding the process or help with personal affairs. The medical staff at the clinic keeps you monitored 24h a day and you may speak with a doctor anytime.

A week after the surgery, the stitches are taken out. A compression headband must be kept on for 7-10 days, day and night. How to take care of scars and are pressure massages healthy? Don’t be afraid, we have the answers to it all. After you leave the clinic, please keep in mind all the advice, and follow the steps as closely as possible. This is critical for the results!

Convalescence. What awaits you?

The period for the scars to heal and the skin to recover varies from person to person. The main factors are age, extent of the procedure, good health and steadfast following of instructions. After a first painful week follows a month of healing, settling of the swelling and so on. 3 months after, you will be enjoying the sharper contours and all the youthfulness that an energized look brings.

If you are somebody that the Deep Plane Face Lift can help, don’t hesitate, reach out. It will be our joy to see you through the process and learn your story.


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