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Dr. Schill: Choose the right dentist – patient and empathic

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Teeth can be quite trouble. Therefore it is very important to find a specialist who has individual approach and who cares about you, the patient. Anyway, that’s how Alexander Schill, M.D., a leading Czech dentist, sees it, whilst relying on first-class equipment and his medical team. Have you been looking for the dentist for some time? Read the second part of our interview with Alexander Schill, M.D. and find out how to make the right choice.

Why come for care to Prague, and why choose your dental clinic?

Why come to us – it sounds proud to praise ourselves, but we think there are several reasons! First of all, we are a well-managed team, with set&coordinated processes and protocols. In addition, all the disciplines and all the equipment are under one roof, so you don’t have to visit the dental X-ray room, hygienists, or surgeons separately. The icing on the cake is using the latest technologies thus taking our work one step up. We always strive to use technologies&devices that allow us to see more details, therefore allowing us working more precisely and more gently. Dentistry today is not a torture, but considerate and efficient care.

What to look for when searching for a dentist?

People may have different preferences, but based on my years of experience in this field, I would emphasise a few points that I would recommend to check beforehand. First and foremost, the dentist should be absolutely sincere&fair to the patient. Your dentist should always explain the situation, propose individual treatment and present the price, so you can make decisions. Proper education level might seem like a given in medicine, but it’s nice to find a specialist who doesn’t give up on constant education and enjoys taking his/her knowledge and experience further. The technologies in dentistry are progressing quite fast, so we need to keep up. Then it’s the precision and patience that go hand in hand with our work. Those who aren’t like that won’t last. Finally, I would also highlight the openness and empathy that go with a fair approach. It’s great when you can trust your dentist and feel comfortable rather than being alienated and seeing them as a person in white coat.

Dental equipment are no longer only pliers and drill. What do you think today’s dentistry cannot do without?

It is true that pliers are still used, however contemporary dentistry has shifted to different level. High-quality imaging technologies, such as X-rays and CT scans, are the key. I would also stress dental loupes and a microscope, which unfortunately are not always a given, but for 100% quality work, especially in endodontics, they are really a must. Unfortunately, a large part of our work today consists of so-called re-endodontics (revisions of the root canal treatment), when reopening the teeth root canals which have not been cleaned&treated perfectly. Related to this, for example, is the so-called apex locator, which allows us to locate the root canals in their entire lengths. And enough about the technologies – the most important things are usually quite simple, in this case regular dental hygiene, performed by dental hygienist who uses ultrasound and sandblaster.

You may rely on the credentials & empathy of Alexander Schill, M.D. Our coordinators will arrange dental appointment for you here in the Czech Republic.