Easy peasy: a guide to fast recovery post Deep Plane facelift

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Did you know that the innovative method Deep Plane facelift allows you to return to your flow much faster than expected? Are you curious and want to know more? This article is made for you. Our blog has covered the Deep Plane facelift in great detail.

We do our best to consistently inform you about the newest inventions of medicine. Today we will delve deeper into the Deep Plane facelift and closely consider the healing process and the advantages for the patient.

The post-surgery process

For clients after the Deep Plane facelift procedure, the recovery can be almost unexpectedly smooth and stress-free. Is there anything more relieving than returning into the good old tracks? And with a fabulous young look on top? The pace of healing of scarred tissue and elimination of post-treatment swelling and bruising is one advantage, that patients absolutely love about this novel technique.

The facelift technology functions deep in the tissue, which results in a lot less visible scarring. Majority of Deep Plane facelift specializing surgeons use fibrin glue to take care of the scars. “What glue?”, I hear you ask. Fibrin glue is a tissue adhesive: it is mixture of proteins, that can be found all around the body, namely fibrin and trombone. These proteins play a key role in healing scars and regenerating tissue. Great effectivity in particular with facelifts and necklifts is demonstrated in a number of studies.

How to speed up my healing

With a well-prepared home care and strict following of doctors’ orders, the whole healing process can be even faster. How? The key aspect is relaxation and harmonic care. After a couple days, you can perform a pressure massage and treat the scars with a healing HyalEcaSan gel. HyalEcaSan has unique regenerative effects. It resists collagen collection and can thus completely eliminate scarring.

The sooner you return to normal life, the better you deal with the pain. Surgeons understand well the importance of managing pain in post-surgery care and advise on techniques, that will help you feel better.

Dealing with pain with a smile

No, don’t worry, we are not talking about pain in the old way. Thanks to sophisticated procedures in modern medicine, like Deep Plane facelift, pain after the surgery is null. Apart from the medicaments, HyalEcaSan gel, foremost take care to follow your doctors’ instructions. If you like a bit of something extra, it is now time to treat yourself, for example with a cooling therapy. Very highly recommended is calming the whole, body and mind, because (like beautiful machines) our bodies can take care of everything when given the right conditions, space and time. Resting, relaxation methods or the cooling therapy are all possible agents to increase your healing and cut short the time during which you are recovering and incumbered.

Another tip is to keep on top of your hydration so that your systems can effectively convert chemicals or look at your nutrition to make sure the body is saturated with the needed proteins and minerals to heal. Once you feel better, head out for a walk. Staying outside, in nature, is the real medicine. Take notice of your breath. Breathe deep and slow, the usual way of initiating relaxation and destress.

Does the sound of our most wanted surgical method for a youthful look turn your head? Find out, if the Deep Plane facelift is right for you, reach out and we will help you to your anti-aging procedure.


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