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Client experience: surprised by contraindication

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“Wow, I didn’t know. This really is a contraindication?” Clients tend to be surprised when they are notified of contraindications. Contraindications arespecifics of one’s health condition, that prevent the doctor from going forth with a certain treatment or surgical procedure, because of potential negative influence on the patient’s health.

Contraindications are important factors, which the medical team must consider whendeciding the procedure’s chance for success. Contraindications can be severe and prevent a client from undergoing a procedure or they can be less impactful, and they can be relieved by adapting the treatment.

Contraindication versus your goal

Our client Lucie hoped to undergo rhinoplasty, nose transformation. The procedure itself is relatively complex and furthermore requires a rigorous discipline post-surgery. Lucy knew all of this and she was ready. However, with the date of the surgery coming up, her nervosity increased and her immunity decreased, resulting in herpes on her lips. Her body was apparently fighting an unspecified infection. Herpes can pose a problem for many people and to fully heal can sometimes take even 10 days. Lucie contacted us to convey her struggles and we gave her advice and discussed all her options going forward. Sadly, we had to delay the rhinoplasty.

Other contraindicatory surprises

Not always is it clear to a beginner what is and what is not a contraindication. We can all most certainly imagine why it is an obstacle to have untreated diabetes or high blood pressure, pregnancy, or dependence on drugs. But contraindication can be subtle and surprising. It is unpredictable in a way that only very well trained and experienced professionals can tell right away. A good example is the herpes mentioned in the previous section. Another subtle contraindication is also stye (hordeolum). It is also a symptom of degraded immunity. A contraindication doesn’t necessarily mean completely halting the planned treatment. An example of a lighter contraindication is smoking. Smoking has a profound effect on the organism and must be considered when preparing for surgery. Nicotine contracts blood vessels and slows circulation. This restriction of the circulatory system can prolong the healing process and increase the risk of complications, like for example infections and slower healing of scarred tissue.

Checking the anamneses of previous surgeries is an important factor when evaluating the feasibility of future procedures. Scars from previous surgeries can affect the surgeons work and  he final result. Knowledge of a patients anamneses helps surgeons make informed decisions and ensure the safety of the patient.

Let’s overcome the hurdles together

ROYAL MEDICAL is fully aware of the importance of the right evaluation of contraindications when preparing a potential procedure. The stories of our clients prove to us that we are all unique and require a unique approach to solving problems. These stories also remind us, that even though the road may be thorny, there is always an alternative approach that can push us closer to the dream. We are always available to you with advice from tried professionals and support to create a safe and effective treatment plan, tailored to your needs. Your health is always number 1.


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