Eyelid correction

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Eye bags? Tired eyesight? Perhaps you need…

blepharoplasty (eyelid correction). During the procedure the surgeon removes the excess skin from the upper or lower eyelids. Well performed blepharoplasty also reduces wrinkles and improves shape of your eyes. The effect is long lasting (for about 10-15 years). Scars are hidden. They are placed under the lower lashes or in an inner part of the eyelid skin tissue. Blepharoplasty can be even recommended to you by your ophthalmologist as it may improve your vision. This procedure can be done in local anaesthesia, in analgosedation, or in general anaesthesia (when combined with other procedures).

Eyelid correction surgery might be combined with other facial aesthetic procedures, such as facelift. Your surgeon can also apply Botox (botulotoxin) during the procedure, to smoothe wrinkles in outer eye corners.

What to expect?

Inpatient: 0 nights
Anaestesia: local, analgosedation, or general
In the Czech Republic: 2 days recommended
Outpatient: 2 days recovery process
Stitches: stitches will be removed after 5-7 days
Special protection: put ice bags on eyelids for 24 hours to reduce swelling, sunglasses are needed outside for the next few days
Light activity: in 7 days
Full activity / sport activities: 4 weeks

Our board certified plastic surgeons will individually advise you on everything related:
Michal PULS
Alexander VATLAK
Miroslav VELIKY
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PRICE from 1,950 €


PRICE from 1,240 €
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Lower and upper eyelid correction (complete blepharoplasty) approx. 1,280 €*

*Price includes pre-op checkup, consultation with a plastic surgeon, surgery, anaesthesia, necessary medication.

How much you can save?

Eyelid Correctionour price 1,950 €
UKfrom 4,900 € / save 50%
Irelandfrom 5,500 / save 50%
Germanyfrom 3,500 € / save 30%
Austriafrom 3,500 € / save 30%
Switzerlandfrom 4,700 € / save 45%


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  •  All English speaking staff (German, Russian, other languages available)
  •  Modern clinic, superior quality of staying, historically excellent level of medicine
  •  Patients´ safety and high quality of the services
  •  Regular monitoring, controlling and improving medical standards
  •  Perfect education stage of specialists and all medical staff
  •  Individual approaches to our clients
  •  Years of experience with medical and wellness tourism
  •  100% positive testimonials in our history
  •  Accessibility – direct flights between Prague and over 130 destinations
  •  Beauty of the country, unique cultural heritage
  •  One of the most favourite European destinations of medical tourism


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