RM interview: About contemporary dentistry with Alexander Schill, M.D.

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“We want our clients to leave us with a healthy smile,” says a professional with a human approach and a great reputation, sought after by patients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Meet Dr. Schill, Chief Doctor of dental care clinic in Prague!

Has the pandemic had any effect on dental care? Do patients underestimate prevention? Are you seeing a higher number of specific procedures?

Fortunately, our field has not been significantly hit by Covid. From our perspective, nothing has really changed – after all, we dentists are used to protective masks and shields, we’ve just improved respiratory protection. Our dental offices comply with all hygienic safety rules, but the most important thing is that our patients do not neglect dental care. Apart from the initial concerns at the beginning of 2020, prevention and interventions are proceeding as usual. We are available every day, including weekends, and we strive to help patients with the entire spectrum of procedures, from aesthetic to acute.

What is the future of stomatology? What are the trends?

Aesthetically perfect, minimally invasive and permanent solutions are the keywords of contemporary dentistry. Frequent extractions and temporary solutions that interfere with the overall appearance of the teeth or restrict the patient in any way are no longer to be found in modern dental practices. Dentistry is one of the fastest growing fields technologically, which all plays into the hands of patient’s comfort and satisfaction. For example… we are able to print perfect prosthetics in tens of minutes using a 3D computer system. We can perform restorative procedures with 100% care and precision thanks to dental microscopes and dental probes and permanent solutions in the form of reliable dental implants with a lifelong durability. Detailed X-rays need not even be mentioned anymore – modern chair-side imaging including panoramic are at the core of quality work.

Are patients today still afraid of the dental chair? What options are there to increase comfort during treatment?

Of course, visiting the dentist has been and will remain a bit scary thing for some, however it is totally unnecessary today. Applying local anaesthesia to increase patient’s comfort is common practice. Sedation, as another type of anaesthesia when the patient is still conscious, is also often used, e.g when extracting wisdom teeth. The last option for really complicated cases is general anaesthesia and even such situation is not a problem for us as we cooperate with the anaesthesiologist. We simply have to be able to help everyone!

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