Smart- & minimally invasive procedures in modern medicine

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Smart- & mini-invasive trends in modern medicine. Even in aesthetic surgery? Our times demand perfect appearance and fit body. Anyone who wants to invest time in health effectively should be familiar with terms such as smart-ageing and minimally invasive procedures. What exactly are we talking about? What options are available? Find out more in our new blog post.

So what means “smart” & “mini” in medicine? Simply put – 21st century medicine uses the latest technology advances to make medical interventions more effective while reducing the strain on the body. Doctors often even work with biological material inherent to the body. The methods aim to achieve these goals: longevity, balanced, happy life and good feeling about ourselves.

Minimally invasive and smart-ageing aesthetic methods are a smart choice because:

– They effectively combine maximum results with minimum intervention.
– Significantly reduce post-operative care and recovery time
– They allow you a quick return to normal life
– They promote self-confidence and a natural look at the same time

Examples of minimally invasive procedures in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine:

Minimally invasive diastasis surgery

Stretched abdominal muscles no longer require extensive abdominal surgery. If you don’t need to reduce sagging skin and fat in this area, diastasis can also be treated locally – laparoscopically, which significantly reduces the extent of the intervention in the body, and also subsequent recovery.

Lipografting – silhouette modelling&contouring

This method is working with the actual fat obtained during liposuction procedure. The fat can then be used as a filler, thus contouring your body. And for women who don’t want to combine breast uplift with standard implants, the fat from your abdomen, thighs and buttocks can be used to enhance your chest. This is called 2in1! 🙂

Minifacelift and temporal lift

Yes, even the face can be rejuvenated using minimally invasive interventions under local anaesthesia. During a mini facelift is your facial skin and subcutaneous tissue vertically lifted and removed. The temporal lift, on the other hand, focuses exclusively on the forehead&temple areas and naturally lifts the eyebrows using an incision hidden in the scalp. Thus, you definitely do not have to worry about stiff facial expressions and unnatural “constantly surprised” look.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty

Shaping the nose without modifying the bones and tissues – by injecting dermal fillers, an experienced dermatologist can do wonders, for example on a crooked nose.

Are you considering an aesthetic procedure? Be SMART. Choose wisely! Royal Medical can help you to get in touch with specialists who are using advanced smart- and minimally-invasive methods.