The truth about liposuction: 10 most common myths explained

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Liposuction – one of the most common and at the same time one of the most misunderstood plastic surgery procedures. Knowledge and objectivity are essential when deciding on this procedure, therefore we have summarized and described the misconceptions and common myths we regularly encounter.

1. Liposuction is a weight loss method

No – liposuction definitely cannot reduce body weight. It is a tool for correction or contouring your body – removing local fat pockets.

2. Liposuction is an outpatient method

Many people are under the impression that liposuction is a quick procedure that you can pop into a salon for. We need to say here that liposuction IS (and has always been) a surgical procedure performed in the operating theatre by a trained surgeon and always takes place under local or general anaesthesia (depending on the extent).

3. The same results can be achieved non-surgically, non-invasively

Liposuction indeed removes fat cells, in contrast to non-invasive procedures such as injection lipolysis, or cryolipolysis (fat freezing), where fat reduction depends on freezing/dissolving and washing away fat cells through the lymphatic system, to which each metabolism may respond differently.

4. Liposuction leaves you with scars

Absolutely not. Scarring is really minimal with this particular procedure. Imagine small syringe scars, comparable to the tiny incisions after laparoscopic surgery.

5. Liposuction hurts a lot

The truth is that liposuction is not completely painless. The tumescent method – filling the treated area with a lipo solution and then sucking it out – is very gentle in this respect. It minimises bruising and swelling, so the post-operative phase can be managed well with the help of appropriately selected painkillers.

6. Liposuction cannot be done on more body areas during one session

This statement is not true either. 2-3 areas can be easily done at once and up to about 6 litres may be removed.

7. The results are immediate

Although the cells are physically removed, you will have to wait to see the effect. You need to wear compression garments in the first few days and weeks. When you recover, you will feel that your fat pockets indeed disappeared and as a result your body has been contoured.

8. The effect is not permanent

YES and NO! The fat cells are physically removed (not just reduced in size), so the results have a strong potential to last permanently. However, you must not gain weight again!

9. Liposuction requires a long recovery period

The rest regime is definitely in order in the weeks following surgery. However, you will have no stitches or scars, so you will heal quite quickly.

10. It is not necessary to wear compression garments after liposuctions

Don’t believe that either! Wearing the special underwear always minimizes the development of bruising, swelling and what’s more, it will help to shape the treated area to achieve your dream result.

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