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Evidence-based medicine: assisted weight-loss using the intragastric balloon


The intragastric balloon is a modern assisted weight-loss technique, which helps you lose the extra pounds with little-to-no effort. The minimal value of BMI required to part-take is 27.


The technique is appropriate equally for women and for men. In the first week men statistically achieve better results. Still, for many the procedure remains veiled in mystery. That is why we prepared this article, in which we respond to the most frequent enquiries and, what we think are the common unexpressed thoughts and fears.


How does the intragastric balloon work?

It functions by taking up space in the stomach, so there is less space for food. The balloon’s main effect is slowing down processing of solid food and liquids in the stomach. Therefore, you will feel saturated faster and for longer, in effect lowering the amount of nutrients you need to feel satisfied.


Will I need time off to recuperate, or can I go straight to work?

It is advised to take maybe 4-5 days off to let the body rest and minimize stress. This is prevention in case your system is not accepting the balloon.


How is the intragastric balloon taken out of the body?

The intragastric balloon is removed the same way it is inserted, using an endoscopic camera. The physician inserts a catheter (tube) into the stomach and attaches it to the balloon, to deflate it. Once the balloon is empty, it can be gripped and taken out through the trachea and the mouth.


Can I air-travel with an intragastric balloon?

The intragastric balloon can safely adapt to changes in altitude, although in some cases it causes short-term bloating and cramps.


Can I drink alcohol?

Alcohol in normal doses is OK. Keep in mind, however, that a large dose or frequent intake of alcohol will seriously counteract your efforts to lose weight. It contains a ton of calories.


What about exercise?

Do exercise! Movement is an important part of losing weight continuously. All physical activities are safe and supported. Your physician will in advance offer specific instructions on how to begin to exercise, the way you want to.


Should I change my diet? I like meat, I don’t want to remove it completely.

Your diet will be restricted during the process of inserting and removing the balloon, and if it needs adjusting. However, except for these moments, you can enjoy most foods without a worry. Beware of nutrients that cause bloating or cramps, e.g. very spicy, fatty or fibrous meals that are difficult to digest. Fish and meats are in general OK. Fibrous vegies should be cooked until they are soft.


Now you know the intragastric balloon. Is it the right choice for you?

We are ready to answer any and all questions or to set-up a consultation. We are looking forwards to helping you.


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