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25 kg lighter. It’s possible. An intragastric balloon is the new weight-loss method

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Majority of us is trying to lose some weight. Some people choose the most direct and drastic measures on their journey to their dream body, however the wiser decide for non-invasive and non-time-consuming methods.

One of the popular modern approaches to weight-loss is the stomach balloon technique. Although it might sound terrifying, there is nothing to fear. It is a safe, well-established, and evidence-based medical method. The indication of its revolutionary influence lies in the thousands of satisfied clients.

Who can undergo such procedure? Well, men and women, everybody. The requirements are a BMI of 27 and higher, a healthy body and an age between 18 and 65.

Types of intragastric balloons

There is more than one type of the balloon. The least invasive is the balloon made to be swallowed, which offers potential for a weight loss of up to 15%. The intragastric balloon is hidden in a small capsule. Once in the stomach, it is filled with a special inert liquid and expanded to its full size. It functions for approximately 4 months, after which it dissolves and is excreted.

Another type of the balloon is placed in the stomach through a gastroscopic procedure. It is also filled with a liquid and can fill 70% of the stomach. What a simple way to deal with overeating. Satisfying hunger comes more rapidly and …so you can watch what you eat without the unpleasant feeling of starving yourself. Usually, this balloon technique spans either 6 or 12 months and you can expect to lose even 25 kg. The balloon is removed by the same small surgical procedure as was used to place it.

The balloon is not all-powerful

Do not expect your weight problems to go poof. To succeed on your journey to a beautiful, healthy body, you will need to show some effort. The intragastric balloon will change your eating habits but not your lifestyle.

Make space for a 30-minute walk in your calendar (and no lagging, a nice quick pace). You will be quick to recognise how losing a few extra pounds reflects positively on your physical and mental health. The visual change is often the most inspiring…for example buying clothes a size smaller. What a feeling!

Share with us YOUR story either on weight-loss or weight-gain. Mail or call, we will always be here to help and support YOU on your journey.

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