Eye corrective surgery in a Prague clinic

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The story of Adelina from Switzerland.

My myopia never bothered me much, until I reached a busy point in life and found it very irritating to search for my glasses first thing in the morning or constantly reminding myself to take my lenses out. Time to make a change! I scoured the internet for options and landed upon the ROYAL MEDICAL team. I liked their professionality during the first conversation and the speed with which they were able to arrange everything. I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

Stress-free preparation for the trip

Getting ready for a surgery abroad seemed to be equally stressful as doing so at home.  Still, there are some differences. I was very serious about my plan and decided to leave nothing to chance.

To calm my nerves, I had a thorough talk with the ROYAL MEDICAL coordinator. I had a lot of questions. Is it possible, that I will not be able to communicate with the doctors because of a language barrier? What if I arrive late at the clinic? What if I get sick before the procedure?

Professional attitude, fast replies and information communicated clearly and concisely, all resulted in my fears quickly diminishing. I felt the support of an experienced team, who knows how to handle every situation.

Further, I found their list of things, to remember before departing, useful. Namely, what documents are necessary, current covid regulations and bringing my long-term medication. I wanted to have the complete information regarding the hotel, doctors and nurses I will meet, the clinic, check-ups after the procedure and further check-ups after I return home. The coordinator helped me understand everything. This inspired confidence, that my trip will have a happy ending.

The way back home

Can I straight away return home? Will I manage the way back alone? I was wondering how it will be with check-ups following the surgery. I was recovering fast, and I was confident in the success of the plan. But I also knew, that if I came to be in need, the ROYAL MEDICAL coordinator will always be available to assist me or further consult with my doctor. 

After arrival back home, I handed the file documenting my procedure in Prague to my local doctor and I have been going to him for check-ups since.

I am glad, I choose to undergo the surgery in Prague and that it was facilitated by ROYAL MEDICAL. Their approach is direct, transparent, and quick. Many thanks to the whole team and to you, reader, I wish you also make the right decision and improve your health with ROYAL MEDICAL.


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