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Challenge to change my body: about breast uplift

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Many women are searching for a way to upgrade their looks and fulfil their beauty ideals.

One popular way to accomplish this is breast shaping. An aesthetic procedure, such as plastic surgery of the chest, can help not only better proportions and accentuate the breasts, but also improve self-respect and comfort of the patients. Some women might want to enlarge their breasts, and some, to lose the extra volume and highlight shape.

Breast shaping and new options of plastic surgery.

When you’re considering getting breast surgery, asking questions about the scars are understandably very common. Scars are of course a large part of every surgical procedure. It is important to get to know the scars and find out, what you can expect.

Luckily, new techniques allow scars to barely show and minimize the risks and unwanted effects, by permitting plastic surgeons to design each incision according to the individual. During consultation, your surgeon will lead you through options to find what scar is right for you, based on your anatomy and type of procedure. The different scars that exist in breast plastic surgery, are the lollipop, the anchor, and the donut. Let us lead you through the basic facts.

  • Donut. The scar goes around the areola and after it heals, it´s almost invisible. Commons scar for reduction or lifting of small breasts.
  • Lollipop. This type is named after the lollipop shape. It is recommended for women, who need to change the size and shape of their bosom, but do not need a lot of skin or tissue removed. The position of the scar is around the areola and vertically down, like the letter “T”.
  • Anchor. This scar is named after the anchor on a ship. It is frequently used for bigger changes in shaper or size of breasts, and for which a lot of tissue and skin must be removed. The anchor is again circling the areola, going down and then along the bra line.

It is key to be aware, that each scar type has its advantages and disadvantages and that each case of plastic surgery of breasts changes with the individual. The plastic surgeon will be there to help you decide, which scar will be best for you and what are the ways to help it heal and reduce its visibility.

Plastic surgery of the chest is a big surgical procedure, so do not forget to prepare. An in-depth discussion with your practitioner on your aims and your image of the result, will limit uncertainty and misunderstanding. The whole team’s objective is to get you the body of your dreams.
In ROYAL MEDICAL, we help will the required administrative work and can answer most if not all of your questions. Don’t be shy and ask. We are here for you. We hope your surgical procedure will be the best it can.


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