Deep plane facelift

New method fixing the face and the neck is called Deep plane facelift

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Even though we try and keep a healthy lifestyle, plus take appropriate care of our face/skin,
ageing will not let us stay “forever young”.

Now thanks to plastic surgery we have at our disposal more than one way (more ways) of improving the looks of our face and prolonging a youthful image. One possibility is the Deep Plane Facelift – a novel method , which allows for a natural look and with minimal scarring and swelling.

Deep plane facelift is THE modern and innovative technique for facelift, which differs from old
(traditional) methods by, on top of removing excess skin, also helps restructure the layers under
the skin. This facelift focuses on deep facial tissue surgery, which allows it to better strengthen
and shape the face contours. Deep plane facelift is also less damaging to the surrounding tissue,
so after surgery, the bruising, welling and scarring is minimal.

Why choose deep plane facelift

Deep plane face lift offers a couple advantages over other facelift methods. One of the main
PROs is the reduced scarring and swelling after the procedure. Thanks to that, the time for
recoalescence can be shorter and the patient can return to his or her routine more quickly.
Another big and unarguable difference is the long-lasting effect of the surgery. Because the
procedure shapes inner tissue layers, the results remain visible even after a long time. Deep
plane facelift doesn’t give the skin that “stretched” look, that may be characteristic for other
facelift methods. Instead, it gives a more natural look to the face, which will be on par with your
natural beauty.

Summary of advantages:

  • Shorter surgery time
  • More natural looking results
  • Recovery of the natural depth and contours of the face
  • Excess skin removed and smoother skin
  • Softer nasolabial folds
  • Faster recovery
  • Less visible scarring
  • Longer lasting effect

How can ROYAL MEDICAL help you to a more youthful look

Advantages of Deep plane facelift are undeniable. This new and unique method can rewind
time on your visage, but will keep you looking and feeling natural. If you are interested do not
wait and contact us. In Czech Republic, we joined with a top tier clinic, which is interested in the
method and we are ready to get you that “forever young” look for a great price.


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