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Overcoming infertility: IVF, the key to fulfilling parental dreams

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In a world, where family is the number one priority for many people, infertility can bring disappointment and frustration.

Couples, trying to conceive and having trouble (the natural way) often go through emotional and physical stress.In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become an awe-inspiring breakthrough in reproductive medicine and helps couples overcome obstacles in the journey to parenthood.

There are many reasons, why (some) couples cannot naturally conceive a baby. Sometimes, the problem may lie in a low sperm count of the man, irregularities in the ovulation cycle of the woman or an obstruction in the reproduction system. Hormonal imbalance, genetical factors and chronic health problems can also play a part. Do not forget: science and medicine offer modern solutions, that can tackle these obstacles.

IVF in Prague equals hope, up to 70% of cycles are successful

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process, during which eggs taken from the woman or a donor (egg donation program) and fertilized with sperm in the laboratory. Embryos are then transferred into the womb of the woman and there they implant themselves. This method gives infertile couples great hope into the future.

Although you may at the moment feel at rock bottom and you are looking for any option out, it is important to realize, that infertility is unpredictable. Do not be deterred! Believe in yourself and trust the professionals, who will lead you through IVF therapy. Find space and time to understand your feelings and share your thoughts with your partner and your family. Find support in groups and communities, that deal with the topic of infertility.

Frozen eggs in combination with IVF in Prague

This modern medical procedure opens new doors for women, that hope to delay parenthood. Thanks to egg freezing (oocyte vitrification) to the age of 35, women have a good chance to become mothers later in life. IVF with your own eggs is very popular and has a high success rate, even in cases, when the female is going through changes in her reproduction system as aging takes effect.

Infertility is just one chapter

Remember, you are strong and brave. You are not alone. Infertility is only one chapter in your story and many pairs can, thanks to IVF in Prague, take joy from their own children. Remember your unique journey and trust, your dream will come true. We will pave your way to the happy family life. Contact us, everything will be in detail discussed and we will be available anytime during the whole process.


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