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Social Freezing is the effective way to control your reproductive future

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In today’s world, many aspects of life change, including the female attitude towards planning a future family.

One option, which modern medicine brings, is social freezing – freezing eggs (oocytes) for use later. This process not only gives women more freedom and choice, but also
brings hope of achieving dreams of being a mother later in life.

In general, the process of freezing eggs is recommended to women under the age of 30. It is primarily for the reason, that from the 30 th year of life, the quality of eggs drastically decreases. A woman in her prime, has approximately 20 eggs of varying quality in one cycle. Some are ready to be fertilized, others not. Sadly, the quantity of eggs per cycle decreases with age and so does the quality. Remember, the presented age limit is not concrete. Oocyte cryopreservation can be undergone even at a later age, but the risk of unsatisfactory results is higher.

Social freezing will let you have more control over your fertility at a later stage in life. The number of women, who decide to freeze their eggs, is constantly increasing. According to a statistic from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) frozen oocytes have doubled between 2010 and 2016. Through assisted reproduction – and thus also through cryopreservation, 2-4% of children are born each year. In Germany, for example, the corresponding number equals to 650 000 kids.

Reasons to choose social freezing

There are more reasons for females to opt for cryopreservation. One of the most attractive reasons is staying fertile longer than is naturally possible. A woman decides when it is the right time for pregnancy. The decision to undergo egg freezing can bring peace and emotional relaxation. Deciding for a longer fertility period brings certainty and allows decision-making regarding your reproductive future to be more independent.

ROYAL MEDICAL – your reliable guide

The trend of cryopreservation in the world is on the rise. Czech fertility clinics offer complex services, including small gynecologic procedures, that make the egg collection easier or fix the womb for an upcoming operation. Respecting new methods (unknown to some) is at the center of society today. Women are under a lot of pressure in society from questions regarding for example the pay gap or their gender roles. There is no reason to bring negative emotions and attitudes to something new, only because we are poorly informed.

In ROYAL MEDICAL, we are prepared to offer you our full support and help you, through a major life decision. Don’t wait and contact us now.


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