Rhinoplasty in reach – just 9 steps to the perfect nose

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Considering rhinoplasty, but at loss, what to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide to the dream nose without complications and unnecessary stress.

Step 1: Why?: Make the time to think about your reasons for surgery, and what outcomes you expect. The reasons are different for everybody, ranging from aesthetic to medical. Carefully consider everything and get ready for the next step.

Step 2: Royal advice for free: We will connect and talk through your plan. You will share with us photos of your nose (whole face and from profile from both sides in daylight), we will discuss the goal of the procedure,  our time plan, any worries that you might have and previous nasal surgeries or injuries. We use all the information  fitting your needs.

Step 3: Treatment plan: A big plus of what we do is that thanks to our experience and contacts, we provide complex know-how, not available to the average patient. In the treatment plan, you will receive a proposal for a specific procedure and details about the surgeon (including reasons why he is recommended and references to his previous work). From our plan, you will get a concrete image of what to expect, a package price and potential dates for the pre-surgery check-up and the actual procedure itself.

Step 4: Summary of the agreed details: For us, it is most important that our clients receive all as they expect. That is why we are thorough with the preparation stage. In this fourth step, we will summarize everything and together agree on the dates, prices, and the name of the surgeon. If everything is ok, we send our booking form and also payment instructions for the deposit. Only if you pay the deposit, can we guarantee the price and the dates.

Step 5: Pre-surgery check-up: Each of our clients has time to prepare prior to the procedure and put their personal affairs in order. A day before the surgery, we will await you in Prague. You will meet a ROYAL MEDICAL coordinator, who will be your guide on the necessary pre-surgery check-ups and during the meeting with the surgeon. We will discuss the instructions on how to behave after the surgery, what not to do and tips and tricks on how to adhere to the instructions.

Step 6: It´s time: D-day has come and your nose will never be the same. In the morning, the medical personnel will welcome you with a smile and show you to your room, where you will spend the next 2 days. The ROYAL MEDICAL coordinator will be available to you day and night and the local personnel will take care of your comfort. You can communicate in English, Russian or German.

Step 7: Leaving the clinic: The ROYAL MEDICAL coordinator is at your disposition after leaving the clinic,
so in case you have any inquiries about the recovery, don’t hesitate to contact her. However, keep in mind, the procedure is not the end of the journey.

Step 8: Post-surgery care is key with rhinoplasty: The way you follow the post-surgery instructions and recommendations is up to you, of course, but remember: to keep the shape of your nose the way the surgeon intended, you must be careful and strictly adhere to the post-surgery instructions. The nose takes 2 or even 3 months to stabilize after the procedure.

Step 9: Joy: Can you see your face gain the desired harmony, bit by bit? Go out and enjoy great moments with your close friends.


Are you ready to begin your journey? Our team is prepared to lead you through each stage. Contact us today to set up a consultation and let’s go make the first step towards the nose of your dreams.


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