Rhinoplasty: a skilled surgeon can work miracles.

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But are you a good candidate for a new face?

Do you feel like everyone is just looking at you because of your nose? You want to get rid of the feeling of a bit too prominent nose once and for all. We have prepared a short summary on the topic for those considering a nose job. After reading our article, no one will lead you by the nose anymore.

Although rhinoplasty is a relatively simple and quick procedure, its outcome will significantly affect your entire life. To make a positive change and achieve the desired outcome, focus on these key points.

  • Be honest with yourself about why you want to get a nose job.
  • Find a good doctor.
  • Prepare for the procedure.


Rhinoplasty will be a major milestone in your life

People may choose rhinoplasty for various reasons. The aesthetic reasons usually prevail – they aim to correct the shape, or put the nose in proportions with the face. There are also purely medical reasons for altering the appearance, typically after an injury or when the nose structure obstructs the airways of the patient. Whatever reason you may have, research and plan your procedure properly.

Since nose job will visibly affect your facial features, choose your doctor and the medical team carefully. Rhinoplasty is a fairly simple procedure from a medical point of view, but the aesthetic outcome is very important to patients. Clients themselves are often surprised at the significant change they have undergone. Ideally, you and your doctor should be on the same page. Thorough preparations for surgery always include pre-surgery consultations and checkups. Investing your time at the beginning will pay off and the costs of the procedure (approximately €2,900) will not be wasted.

The age of the client also plays a significant role. Our surgeons will almost always refuse a client under 18, or over 45 (and sometimes even younger). It might happen the type of the skin is not appropriate, or the nose bone structures exclude feasibility of the request.

Rhinoplasty has several options

Most procedures are performed using a closed method, i.e. the scars are hidden inside, thus invisible. In some cases this method cannot be successfully performed (such as certain types of nasal wings reductions), because this procedure would leave visible scars on the outside, which puts most clients off.

Rhinoplasty varies from a nose tip modification (i.e. just the soft cartilage) to reshaping/reducing the nasal bone. This surgery can flatten the nasal septum or narrow the whole nose.
All nose jobs require wearing nasal splint for at least 2 weeks post procedure, then massaging the nose regularly.

Personal involvement is crucial

You can very much speed up the healing and reduce the likelihood of post op complications, such as bleeding and swelling by avoiding strenuous activities. And instead of taking a shower, just soak in the tub and relax. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to recover faster. The more precisely you follow them, the sooner you’ll be able to return to your regular life activities and fully enjoy your new look.

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