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Is social freezing a good trend or rather polarising society?

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Freezing eggs or sperm can be considered a thoughtful and responsible life step. Common reasons for such decision are the desire to explore the world, or to build a career, or to find a suitable partner.

Social reasons simply prevail. On the other hand, about a third of egg freezing procedures are due to health issues. Women with a serious diagnosis are often faced with an early decision of whether they will be able to conceive a child in the future, and egg freezing is often the only option for them. Whatever the reasons, the desire stays always the same. People want to have children of their own.

The polarisation of society

There are two distinct views on social freezing in our society. One group of people supports the decision to freeze eggs or sperm and appreciates it as a responsible step. Mostly those who realise that using modern methods allows to achieve one’s life and career goals without fear that one day it will be too late to have children of their own.
A different view is held by those who reason that a woman’s most fertile years are before the age of 30. According to them, postponing a child is against nature. They also often argue that social freezing and IVF methods are appropriate only “for medical cases”. When these two opinion groups clash, a rather heated discussion ensues.

Your fertility is compromised by incorrect information

Clients often come in with preconceived ideas gathered from the internet and various unqualified assumptions. Upon meeting experienced team of professionals, they leave with up-to-date information about the overall process. Modern medicine today is much more advanced than we sometimes imagine. The misinformation traveling around in our society can be sometimes dispelled with one conversation with an informed physician who also informs you about associated health risks, keeping in mind your particular medical history. Our specialists will also show you the current worldwide results that can be achieved with IVF or egg freezing.

How is the egg/sperm collection for future IVF done

Nowadays is social freezing sought by both women and men. The procedures that need to be taken to make the vitrification process successful are different for both groups. The whole process is more time consuming for women as the hormonal cycle needs to be considered. The focus is put on hormonal boost to produce more eggs, which increases the success rate of the procedure.

The egg retrieval procedure is performed under short general anaesthesia. The retrieved eggs are treated with cryoprotectants are frozen by so-called vitrification process. The male sample, on the other hand, is tested viaspermiogram after collection to see if it meets the criteria and can be stored.

Czech Republic as a appropriate destination for egg freezing

Czech doctors are experts in the field of IVF and egg vitrification and are rated as the top in this field worldwide. The recurrent costs associated with egg or sperm freezing in Czech clinics are significantly lower than in Western countries. However, the quality of services is excellent, which attracts more and more clients from abroad.

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