Great news

Great news!

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 30th, 2022

The Czech Republic has lifted all coronavirus restrictions for arrivals from the EU countries!

Our society is hopefully back on track to normal life. And it is true that conditions for travel to our country have considerably improved, our clinics don’t require additional covid tests, therefore you can use our services without any limits.

So far, one of our partner clinics insists in admitting fully vaccinated clients only. However, we believe they might also change their policy soon.

Current rules for entry to the Czech Republic for citizens of the EU and other European countries: you do not have to fill in Entry Locator form, nor is it compulsory to have a covid certificate, vaccination or confirmation that you had contracted and recovered from covid.

When arriving from non-EU countries, most of the rules remain. Vaccination, or confirmed covid-19 recovery by digital certificates are still required. You will also need to submit an Entry Locator form upon your arrival. We will, of course help you with the paperwork.

Come to the Czech Republic. We look forward to your visit!

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