TRENDS IN PLASTIC SURGERY? Combined interventions!

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The steadily growing interest in the most effective combined procedures has been skyrocketing recently. Czech plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists and other medical professionals always keep their feet firmly on the ground and provide individual medical care for their clients.

The most effective combined procedures of 2021: FACIAL REJUVENATIONS

Are you expecting long-term results&natural looks, all done gently&effectively?
Facial plastic surgery definitely does not mean over-stretching out the skin which may result in the loss of mimics. Aesthetic medicine procedures range from non-invasive to invasive ones. These rejuvenating methods can be combined to achieve beautiful effect, moreover they can be done in one single surgical session!

What can be combined then?

Facelift, or Temporal Lift

An experienced surgeon can perfectly determine what extent needs to be done – either lifting the entire face (facelift) or just a few incisions in the temple area and forehead (temporal lift). Faster post op recovery and natural looking results are achieved by using modern techniques, with incisions carefully hidden in the hairline, or by using new generations of subcutaneous glues.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty is a minor procedure, but one that can make a big difference. The eyes are opened thus face gets brightened. When combined with a facelift, it guarantees a real WOW effect.


When the face looks younger, the neck should not be left behind. Special surgical techniques including lifting the subcutaneous layers of the neck perfectly rejuvenate the area.

Chin liposuction

Removal of local fat in the lower face area (second chin) for slimmer and firmer facial contours.

Fat transfer

Sagging is a different type of facial ageing than drooping. Fat transfer from a different body part comes into play when you need to smoothen and also enhance…

Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid is well body-accepted, therefore is widely used for 3D face sculpturing. Dermal fillers can hide prominent facial wrinkles and they can also sculpt cheekbones, lower jaw, chin, cheeks, nose, and of course, lips.


Botox (botulinum toxin) applied into the muscle prevents and reduces facial wrinkles – in small doses will promote the whole face naturally and effectively.

Have you been thinking how to get rejuvenated and natural look? Wondering what options and combinations Czech aesthetic medicine specialists would suggest in your case? Contact our coordinator who can arrange these consultations, and subsequent treatments here in the Czech Republic.

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