12Jan, 2024

New Year, Same Me: Embracing Authentic Resolutions

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As the calendar turns a new leaf, the pressure to embrace a dramatically different version of ourselves often looms large. The tradition of making ambitious New Year’s resolutions can be both inspiring and discouraging. But the mantra for the year ahead is simple – “New Year, Same Me”.

Christmas wish
23Dec, 2023

Christmas wish 2023

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From ROYAL MEDICAL, we send you wishes for a beautiful and peaceful Christmas holiday. We thank you for your favour and look forward to your further transformations on the journey to health and beauty in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Preparation for surgery
30Nov, 2023

Client experience: surprised by contraindication

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“Wow, I didn’t know. This really is a contraindication?” Clients tend to be surprised when they are notified of contraindications. Contraindications arespecifics of one’s health condition, that prevent the doctor from going forth with a certain treatment or surgical procedure, because of potential negative influence on the patient’s health.