christmas voucher
28Nov, 2022

Christmas voucher

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A Christmas calm, the one you were wishing for, if you opt for a transformation in TWO The time leading up to Christmas brings many people stress. Whether you enjoy Christmas or not, each of us happened to be in a situation, where they did not know what to gift to give.

assisted weight-loss
29Oct, 2022

GUYS! Don’t be scared and ask.

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Evidence-based medicine: assisted weight-loss using the intragastric balloon   The intragastric balloon is a modern assisted weight-loss technique, which helps you lose the extra pounds with little-to-no effort.

27Apr, 2022

Rhinoplasty: a skilled surgeon can work miracles.

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But are you a good candidate for a new face? Do you feel like everyone is just looking at you because of your nose? You want to get rid of the feeling of a bit too prominent nose once and for all. We have prepared a short summary on the topic for those considering a nose job. After reading our article, no one will lead you by the nose anymore.